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Web Site Development

We have developed hundreds of websites over the years.  Take a look at our online portfolio to view some of our web development work


What has changed over the years are the means for small businesses to get their businesses online.


There are lots of template sites out there that promise to provide a great means to an online presence for small business.  You know what they say?  You get what you pay for!  Very true in this case as well.


Template generators are notorious for creating obstacles at search engine rankings.  Many times, if you look at the code of a template website you will find there to be several instances of "bad code".  For example, multiple title tags, no description tag, and lots of scripts which search engines by and large do not like.


There is also the old... "my nephew can design the website for me".  Again, you get what you pay for.  This generally is not a problem, providing the "nephew", who may know how to design a webpage, understands online marketing and web analytics. 


Ultimately, there is a methodology to creating a company website.  There are requirements and current best practices that need to be considered for a website to be effective.  Then there is the requirement of understanding how to review analytics so that a website can be enhanced based on visitor activity.


We look at a website as one of the many required pieces to a larger marketing puzzle.  Building a website is by no means a completion of an online marketing strategy, but it is a great start for one. If you do not have a website, we can put together the right effort to develop one for you. Our methodology is quite simple. We focus on what is needed and what works online and leave all of the fluff off the table, along with its costs. We would rather you save the added fluff costs and spend them on the many added and necessary layers of building a successful marketing strategy. A web site is not a "build it and they will come" tool. A website has become a necessary tool for any business of any size. It is many times, the first impression a potential new customer or client will see.

Contact us today if you do not have a website for your business yet, We can and want to help! And we think you will be pleased with the costs and comprehensive effort we will propose for you.


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