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Web Analytics

There are many very good web analytics packages out there.  Some, believe it or not, offer too much.  Our typical client is a small business who either has a non-functional website or no website at all.  To offer a full-blown analytics package for this client would be overkill.


By the same token, using a simple web statistics application that generally comes with a hosting account is far too minimal.


We generally steer our clients to use Google Analytics.  It is a Google product and that enough speaks volumes of its capabilities.  Though Google Analytics may not be the best example for a corporate enterprise solution, it is a perfect solution for small businesses.


Why You Need Analytic Reports


Its not enough to know how many people visited your website or how many hits your site received in a given month.  If you are doing any Pay Per Click marketing, analytics are a must.  Assuming you are not yet there, it is still a must and offers the following reporting regarding your website traffic.

  • Bounce Rate - how many people stumble upon your site and are there for less than a few seconds, visit one page, and then abruptly leave.

  • What pages are being hit the most

  • What search engines brought the traffic to your site

  • What keywords were searched to drive traffic to your site

  • What other websites with links back to yours drove traffic to your site

  • Where traffic came from, down to country, state, city/town

  • What day of the week is the busiest traffic to your website

  • What time of day is the busiest on your website

  • What links are being clicked on each page

  • Tracking email campaigns

  • Tracking banner ads from other websites

  • Following page trends

All of this and so much more!


How Can We Help?


If you have a website and do not use any analytics, we can help set them up for you and then help you understand how to use the tool. 


If you do not have a website, we will integrate them for you on the site that we build for you!


Contact us today to learn more.



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"If you are doing Pay-Per-Click marketing, Google Analytics
are a must"

` Greg Angelillo, Managing Partner

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