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Search Engine Optimization Solutions

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an extremely misunderstood business. It also one that business consumers need to be very careful about. If you have received a sales pitch from a company that claims they will bring your website to the top of Google and other major search engines with particular keywords - be very cautious before proceeding. In fact, we strongly recommend you read what Google themselves have to say about that -

Search engine optimization is a complex topic that incorporates two sub components - on-page search engine optimization and off-page search engine optimization. Contact us today and let us help you understand what the differences are and what is really involved with search engine optimization and more importantly illustrate how it can be effective as a layer of an overall online marketing strategy.


Each of our proposals include the following content detailing what a client can and should expect from our SEO services:


The goal of On-Page SEO service is to highly increase the chances of attaining better search engine placement in the top search engines –,, and with respect to keywords determined from a keyword analysis (keyword focus listed above in proposal), which we perform.


It is important to understand that SEO does NOT guarantee sales, traffic or calls into your business. If another company claims otherwise, simply Google “ARE SEO GUARANTEES VALID”.


What the Optimization will do is code the website properly according to newly updated SEO standards which in turn may assist with higher placement on relevant keywords in the major search engines. Typical timeframe to see any SEO results can sometimes be 2-4 months and it is important to understand that SEO results can range and change from time to time as the search engines change their search algorithms.


Timeframes to see results vary however. In many cases results are seen within 30-45 days. And in some cases, not for 3-4 months. With this particular site we expect to see some results within 30 days. SEO is something that needs to be maintained. It isn’t a build it and they will come solution. With a site offering services such as our client, we would recommend doing a full SEO update annually. Results will dictate this accordingly.


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