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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Online Marketing Solutions

What is PPC Advertising on Search Engines?

Have you ever noticed the advertisements on the right side of the search results page while searching for something using a search engine like Google or Yahoo?  Those ads on the right hand side are bought and paid for by businesses looking to drive targeted traffic to their websites. 


Do not confuse these right side ads with the ones that show up at the very top of the search engine search results.  Those are "sponsored" ads, and though they are managed in similar fashion, the costs is much higher.


When someone clicks on these ads, a pre-determined and agreed upon fee is automatically paid for by the business who targeted their advertisement using pay-per-click marketing.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an online marketing solution that can get your website found in major search engine search results.  In your PPC account, you simply create ads for your business using keywords that people may be using to find products and services that your company offers.  Your fees are dependent on the keywords you choose.  In essence you are choosing a price you wish to pay for a particular keyword or keyword phrase and creating an ad around those keywords.


The benefits of PPC marketing is that your ads can show up immediately.  There is no time to market.  You can also buy your way to the top spot, meaning the first advertisement that shows up at the top.  You can (and should) test multiple ads using A/B testing to determine which ads produce the best results.  Generally, a business will set a monthly budget and when the budget runs out, the ads stop appearing.


Generally, advertising for small and local businesses using PPC can be very effective and very affordable.  The only negative is that studies show that only roughly 3-5% of online surfers ever look and click on the ads on the right side of the search results page.  The majority of surfers look at the "organic" side of the search engine results page.  How can you increase the liklihood of being found on the "organic" side?  Search Engine Optimization.


How can we help?


We can walk you through some of the techniques of setting up a PPC campaign and give you some of the best practice tips and tricks.  Or we can completely manage your online PPC campaign. 


Either way, the best results of a PPC campaign will come from the actual manangement of the PPC campaign.  This solution is not simply click some buttons and set it and forget it.  PPC campaigns take a significant amount of strategy planning and A/B testing and creating several landing pages and much more work.  While we encourage businesses to learn to manage these themselves, we also understand this can lead to added employees and further cost.  Therefore, we also can offer PPC campaigns as a service.


Contact us today to learn more.



A = Sponsored PPC Ads

B = PPC Ads

C = Organic Results

SEO Eye Placement Study


Eye Placement Study
Showing where eyes go to
on search results page. 
Most go to the organic area.
Roughly 3-5% look
at the PPC results area.

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