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If your business sells products and you do not yet have those products available online, contact us today so that we can help.


The fact is, your potential customers are online and purchasing products from your competitors online every day.  Why would you not want to do this?  Most answers, before we consult, from many of our clients is - too expensive, we don't know where to start, and we are not sure if we could succeed online.


Let us help you better understand these obstacles.  There is no obligation in allowing us to help you gain a better understanding so that you as a company, can make a better, informed decision.


eCommerce is a growing business. Every year billions of consumer dollars are spent on purchasing products online. Why wouldn't you want to put your products online?  Simple answer - because potential customers are looking and buying. 

What we find from businesses that we have helped is that at times, it can seem overwhelming and costly to initiate a push for putting your products online.


Our strategy is very simple here as well. We first recommend a very simple but yet effective and proven eCommerce solution. Why spend thousands on setting up a robust eCommerce solution without first proving the concept that your product will sell online?


Selling products requires a long term effort while gaining the experience and knowledge of how to acquire customers online - and we can provide the road map for you to do just that.


Once sales reach a certain level, we can them move into a more robust eCommerce solution that works best for your company.


Our Recommendation


For small startup businesses with less than 20 products we recommend a PayPal website strategy.  Again, the objective is to prove the concept of selling your products and services online first before moving into a comprehensive eCommerce application.


Once the concept is proven, or if so desired beforehand, we recommend using proven online eCommerce applications.  We strongly encourage you to stay away from home-grown, in-house developed applications with no documentation, no online support forums and with companies that have less than 1000 eCommerce customers.  The reasoning should be pretty simple to understand.  In short, you want to use an eCommerce application from a company that actually focuses on eCommerce.  Having hundreds of customers proves the company's focus on delivering a product that will stay ahead of the curve in terms of functionality, and also shows that they have the necessary support to back up their product.


We recommend only a handful of eCommerce applications, and recommend the one that best meets our client's needs.  Our specialty is preparing our clients for eCommerce and developing a design to fit into one of these third party eCommerce applications.


If you are thinking about eCommerce, contact us and allow us a no-obligation consultation so that you can at least make a more informed decision on getting started.


Interested? No Obligations!

We will reach for you within 24 hours!

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